New Features

Features 2018-01-18T22:01:32+00:00
  • Cleaner Interface: Simplification of the main menu and tool bars. All features are centralized into a new Wizard option.

  • Better Case Management: The catalogue used in Write-On 2.0 was replaced with a new “Recent Cases” feature to facilitate case management. Sharing documents between cases is still available via the new Wizard option.

  • Documents of all Sizes: Much improved imaging algorithm means that document resolution is no longer limited to 300 DPI Grayscale. Write-On 3.0 can now handle documents of all sizes, colors, and resolution.

  • Writing Systems: Write-On 3.0 is fully Unicode compatible meaning that it can handle all writing systems including alphabetic, abjad, logographic, and syllabic. In other words, Write-On 3.0 can now handle other scripts such as Cyrillic, Arabic, and Chinese.

  • Examination Recording: Write-On 3.0 automatically records all steps from the moment a document is imported until the last search. This feature combined with a new “Note Taking” option helps in meeting many ISO certification requirements.

  • One-Click Filtering: Documents, words index, segments index, and all occurrences can now be sorted and filtered with a single click. Documents may have a dedicated writer, type (Q or K), and status. Documents may have one or multiple features.

  • Automatic Segments Index: Segments of up to 4 characters are automatically produced along with related statistics. There is no need to build and maintain a custom segments index.

  • Improved Reporting: A new template feature facilitates the creation of custom reports and court charts. Also included is a basic editing tool to annotate reports and court charts.

  • Flexible Output: Output improved to allow printing or exporting to Excel all content produced by Write-On.